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Everyone has a story to tell.

You just need to learn how to tell it.

Work one-on-one with Cindy to gain the inspiration,
self-confidence and know-how needed to
successfully put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

Each eight-hour* package begins with a detailed
consultation to assess, and fully understand, your
unique writing history, challenges and dreams.

Based on your personal writing goals,
you'll then:

  • Work with Cindy to develop a writing plan.

  • Receive comprehensive written analysis and
    feedback on work you've produced.

  • Receive e-mailed tips, information and instruction
    crafted to meet your specific writing needs and

  • Get answers to your writing and publishing
  • Have 3 to 5 in-depth discussions with Cindy in
    person, online or by phone at times scheduled for
    your convenience.

  • When appropriate, learn how and where to market
    your work (newspapers, magazines, internet, book
    publishers). Reference materials will be suggested
    or provided to help build your home writing library.
You'll also enjoy:  

  • The chance to work with a high-energy,
professional writer.

  • Exercises that will get you writing―or improve a
project you've already begun.

  • Exploring and discussing different writing styles and forms.

  • Refreshers, as needed, on writing basics.

  • In-depth Q&A sessions based on your personal challenges and

  • The encouraging, realistic and non-judgmental support Cindy’s
    coaching provides.

Fee for eight hours of one-on-one instruction
reasonably priced at $520*

Free 20-minute phone
consultation included in
each one-on-one pacakge!

Extended hours/packages
can also be arranged.

* Eight hours include
time needed for
both writing critique
and client interaction,
which must be completed
within 90 days of
initial phone assessment.
Copyright 2014, Cynthia Wolfe Boynton. All rights reserved.
Group and business-based
workshops also available.

Email Cindy for details
Reasonable rates and one-on-one instruction
for your high school senior. Also ideal for
college undergrads applying to graduate